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About Tales of Light Photography

Welcome! We are Tales of Light Photography, and I make prints our unique photos of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind beachscapes onto high-quality canvases and posters.

I believe the light can tell us amazing stories, and we dedicate ourselves to capturing those stories in unique and beautiful prints that you can use to decorate your space. We are passionate about the art of photography, the energy of nature, and helping people fill their lives with beautiful artwork. We're here to help you decorate your spaces in bespoke beach prints that aren't mass-produced.

To create our beach landscape prints, we go down to the beach at just the right time (usually right around sunset) to capture the magic of light as it dances on the waves. Sometimes we'll take hundreds of pictures on a single day, just so we end up with one or two perfect shots that we know will be perfect for printing.

Each print is made locally on demand from our gallery of beach photograpths, so you never have to worry about getting a mass-produced photo that's been sitting around in a warehouse gathering dust. Every piece of print is printed on demand when you order it—just for you!

The photographer behind Tales of Light Photography

Kelli is the owner/operator of ‘Tales of Light Photography’. She was born and raised in Western Australia often moving around the Western and Northern suburbs, also spending a lot of her teenage years up on the North West Coast in Shark Bay.

My early photography experience

Since the moment I was earthbound I was introduced into the world of Photography. As a now ‘third generation’ photographer, it was pretty clear that this is what I was born to do (even though for many years a couldn’t see that for myself). Since I can remember, I have been in a photography studio or on location by my Mum's side, assisting with portraits, weddings and then to advertising fashion.

To help get the perfect shot, I would help Mum:

  • Hunting for locations, looking for the perfect spot for the next photoshoot (we had so much fun going on, sometimes wild, adventures),
  • Testing the lighting,
  • Holding reflectors,
  • Moving and placing props,
  • Rubbing the polaroid test shot to warm it up so she could make sure the lighting and composure was perfect, and
  • Even being a model for numerous catalogues and magazines.

My Mum was one of the best photographers Perth had to offer back in those days (before digital photography was available) and had won herself numerous state and national awards in the industry.

The importance of learning before the age of digital photography

My experience with Mum was before digital photography was even a thing, when everything was captured on transparency film and then processed in a dark room (which again I would help with….I will never forget the smell of those chemicals).

This process meant there was absolutely no room for error, and if there was error, it had to be completely re-shot again. So, the theory of get it right in the camera to start with has definitely stuck with me and I have been able to apply these lessons to photography today, which means most of my photos are rarely retouched!

My life before embracing my photography roots

At 17 I started a hairdressing apprenticeship which I completed and then worked in for a while before deciding to travelling the world with only a backpack for 8 months. When I got back to Perth I tried my hand at a few different career paths, but in my late 20s I was drawn back to photography and got myself a basic DLSR Canon Camera.

Coming back to photography

It was as if a light switch had been turned on in my body and everything started to flow naturally and fall into place, as if I had literally been photographing my whole life. I instinctively knew what to do. So with the help of my Mum guiding me, my passion for photography ignited!

It started off with just photographing my own children, then onto families, maternity and even the odd wedding or two.

Though the one thing I have always been drawn to is the ocean, the magic and beauty that surrounds her is something that truly runs through my veins and for whatever reason, I feel connected to her. So naturally, this is where my attention turned to, capturing magical moments of Mother Nature whilst adding my own creative flair

This is how Tales of Light Photography came to life. It was my way of sharing the beauty of the light at the beach, the way it hits the ocean and the magic the beach light exudes.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about myself and I hope it has given you some insight into why I do what I do, how I got here and why it makes me great at what I do. I hope you enjoy following my journey at Tales of Light Photography and it can bring some beautiful vibes your way.

Love & Light,